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The P6 Motivation Programme

The P6 Motivation Programme, helmed by the PE Department, was carried out from 22 to 26 March 2021. The objectives of the programme were:

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During the programme, all students experienced a variety of fun and interesting tasks that required them to leverage their strengths, work with their team members as well as apply their mathematical and science knowledge in order to complete their tasks. These included the ‘Water Transport’ as well as the ‘Building the Tallest Tower’ activity. 

Even though the activities were not easy, students rose to the challenge and demonstrated that they could use verbal and non-verbal cues to convey their intent, as well as apply what they had learnt in Math and Science to use their allocated budget wisely in order to purchase the necessary items that would help them build the tallest and sturdiest tower.

During the reflection segment, students wrote a letter to their future self on an iPad and committed to working on their area for growth. These letters will be printed and returned to the students before their PSLE to encourage them and help them see the rewards of their commitment to improve in their area for growth. 

Each student also wrote a ‘Thank You’ note to a classmate and some words of motivation for their classmates to spur one another on in this journey towards the PSLE. Let us all continue to encourage our P6 students as they ramp up their preparations for the PSLE in Semester 2!