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Malay Language Unit Department Goals
A Champion who is an Effective Communicator of the Mother Tongue Languages

Malay Language Unit - Learning Direction
To create an environment where students will better appreciate the Malay language, cultures, and traditions, with strong values as well as 21st Century competencies.

Curriculum Structure

The Malay Language Department includes the aspect of Joy of Learning into our curriculum. To better cater to all students, we inculcate their interest in learning the Malay language and culture through innovative ways of teaching. Aside from using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tools, which are prevalent amongst the students in this 21st century, our department has customised and unique packages.

Key Programmes & Learning Experiences

Taman Herba Arif Budiman Cilik

The Malay Department has put together a physical herb garden alongside an official website. The official website features the plants that are common and prominent in the Malay community.

The website and the garden were officially launched by the School Leaders in Term 1 Week 10. The Malay students from various levels were brought down by their respective Malay teachers to visit the garden for an enriching outdoor learning thereafter complete some follow-up activities in the computer lab.

The purpose of the Taman Herba Arif Budiman Cilik website is to make customized information available for our students. It is also part of the Malay Department’s effort in contributing towards cyber wellness for the students, by taking ownership of the cyber contents shared with students.

The information on the website is tailored to suit the needs of the students and also teachers to create the best feasible experiential learning.

Click here to view the website




Pendidikan Positif

Malay Positive Ed 2.jpg

Menghargai Perhubungan

Individu yang Sihat

Pencapaian & Keyakinan

Amalan Bermakna

Emosi Positif

Penglibatan Utuh

The Malay Department teachers ensure a positive education at all times by paying close attention to students’ emotions and engagement. Teachers are to practice discipline as well as flexibility in class.

Teachers place greater focus on praising the student's efforts in achieving achievement. This is to encourage Growth Thinking among students. By giving words of encouragement or pride in their efforts, it will instill confidence and intrinsic motivation in students.

Bong.ka & Bong.ka 2.0

To help our students tackle a particular language component, our Malay department has prototyped Bong.ka and Bong.ka 2.0. This learning package has been established on a national platform.

Malay Bongka.jpg

Lanun-Lanun Kefahaman

A teaching tool coupled with SKK strategy (Stem, Kata Kunci, Kunci Soalan). It is used to teach our students comprehension. This learning experience is unique to our Yumin champions as it injects the Joy of Learning during comprehension lessons.

Malay Lanun.jpg

Uno Karangan

A teaching tool during composition lessons. Students’ are chosen at random based on their given cards. They are encouraged to contribute an idea or sentence based on their ability. This helps to maintain students’ engagement, build students’ confidence in writing as well as promote Joy of Learning. Teachers apply a climate of high achievement and positive emotions in the implementation of Uno Karangan in lessons.

Malay Uno.jpg

Outdoor Learning

Learning Malay grammar also takes place outside of the classroom to have experiential learning around the school.

Malay Outdoor Learning.png

Malay Language Reading Programme

P1 & P2 Traditional Child's Song & Video
 P3 & P4 Folklore & Poetry / Storytelling 
P5 & P6  Storytelling & Script Writing 

Our curriculum design emphasizes on teaching the Malay language in a fun yet meaningful way. The department introduces Malay Literature in the Malay Language through music and films aligned to the Mother Tongue Language Curriculum to develop active learners as well as proficient users of the Malay Language. The department uses Malay folk songs and films to entice the lower primary students to learn Malay literature. As they progress to the middle primary level, exposure to Malay poetry takes place. At the upper primary level, with more maturity, our students can dabble with scriptwriting, which helps in composition writing skills.

Malay Music.png

Sparks Programme - Arif Budiman Cilik

Arif Budiman Cilik (formerly known as Kelab Celik Cilik) is an enrichment programme, unique to our department. This programme focuses on students who have the talent and interest in aesthetics related to the Malay language. The students in this programme are to be confident ambassadors of the school for Malay language events such as Ops Baca 2.0.

Malay Arif.jpg

Starfish Programme - Yes! I can read!

Yes! I can Read! is a programme tailored to the non-Malay or slower Malay language readers. In our reading programme, we use our unique 3R method (Read, Recognise and Repeat) to help our students in mastering the connection between syllables and sounds (phonics) by experiencing their correlation in meaningful contexts. In this programme, our students must be actively engaged in the process, which can be achieved through various activities, which spark the students to become active readers thus helping them to read aloud the words with confidence.


      To provide pupils with basic reading skills - identify letters, sound letters, pronounce syllables, read words and understand the meaning of words

      To actively engage pupils in-class activities

      To help pupils follow lessons more confidently

Herbs & Spices Garden@Yumin

Herbs and spices have important culinary and medicinal uses. Students will be able to explore different types of herbs and spices and learn more about the many benefits these plants provide. They will be engaged in activities that encourage them to ask questions and be inquisitive as well as experience authentic learning through explorations. Students will be using their five senses to learn about the culinary and medicinal uses of the various herbs in this interactive garden.

ICT tools such as iPads are used to scan QR codes to access information and quizzes to enhance students’ learning. Students will also be able to build confidence, express their creativity in ‘Salad Making’ activities and learn the technique of making presentations in front of the audience. This activity will help to promote teamwork, critical thinking and leadership skills in students.


  •         To provide Yumin Champs a rich language and cultural outdoor experience through learning and recognising common herbs and spices in the Community.

  •         To facilitate holistic learning for students by engaging and creating meaningful outdoor experiences that create a joy of learning. The programme will equip students with the relevant skills and knowledge to be confident and effective communicators. It will also cultivate a sense of care and graciousness for the environment thus shaping their character and attitude through this experiential learning.

Malay spices.jpg

Mother Tongue Fortnight & Language Camp

The MT Fortnight & Language Camp is a multi-disciplinary platform involving English, Physical Education, Art, Music, Drama and Character and Citizenship Education (CCE). The learning of Malay Language is fun, engaging and effective through an integrated setting.

Some activities done before are arts and craft such as batik painting and tanjak making, learning to play the musical instruments like angklung and kompang, learning malay traditional dances like zapin and tarian kipas and also cooking Malay traditional delicacies such as roti kirai, kuih naga sari and pulut kuning. These activities ignite students’ interests in learning Malay culture and better equip them with the varied use of the language in different contexts. Students learn to be more confident, adaptable, innovative and resilient.

Students also had cultural exposure to the Chinese culture during Chinese New Year Celebrations. Students learn how to make fans using hangbaos and also learn the meaning behind each ingredient of the Yu Sheng before getting to toss and taste it.

Malay Camp.jpg

Conversational Chinese and Malay (CCM) programme

CCM equips our students with basic skills and knowledge of Chinese or Malay Language so as to enable them to communicate with their friends of other races and show awareness and appreciation of another culture.