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International Partnership

China Immersion - Donglin School, Wuxi China

The school is in ints 6th year of partnership with Donglin School. This partnership has allowed for an exchange of ideas and practices in the ares of teaching and learning. Yumin teachers share the TLLM practices with Donglin's teachers and the pupils participate in school experience, especially in language arts during the immersion trip.

Japan Immersion - Mihama

This partnership between Yumin and the Mihama Town Council is unique as it is not a single school but the whole community that hosts our teachers and pupils yearly. Yumin is the only primary school selected for this exchange programme. Town officials organize the learning and exchange by coordinating a range of enriching experiences during the immersion. The programme includes a home-stay, school experience, cultural experience and special focus in Environment Science. In turn, we host pupils selected by the Mihama Town Council when they visit Singapore.