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Principal's Foreword

Dear Parents  

    Welcome to the 2021 school year. I am excited to welcome back our staff, students and parents for the new school year and a warm welcome to our 2021 P1 cohort.

    In 2020, we celebrated 45 years of the school’s history with the theme: United We Flourish. The school has grown from strength to strength – with Best Practice Awards in Teaching and Learning, Character Development, Student Well Being and Staff Development; created new and vibrant learning spaces and designed Yumin Experiences that form unique cohort memories.  We have also started our journey towards the next phase of visioning for the school with the formal introduction of Positive Education and the CHAMPS framework into our curriculum.  This has helped all of us to come together as one Yumin family as we continued with the school curriculum in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We have challenged ourselves to seek different and creative ways of organizing school programmes and events - am proud to say that Yumin has done exceptionally well this past year.  I am extremely grateful to all parents and stakeholders who have helped us journey through the years and especially in 2020!  

    With the changes that 2020 has brought upon the entire world, we must come to accept that this is how the future will look like; this may be the new normal for all of us and we must be prepared.

The theme for our 46th year is:


By Design. Not by Chance.

    We want to inspire and encourage our students to take ownership of the effort required to achieve their goals.  We want our students to know that talking about goals and improvements is not enough, these improvements must become a part of who they are.  In the words of James Clear, author of Atomic Habits:


    The Yumin staff are positive, professional and proficient practitioners, constantly enhancing their competencies and contributing to the educational fraternity.  We join hands with our stakeholders – parents, school advisory committee and alumni, united in purpose as ONE Yumin family to nurture flourishing Yumin Champions - future ready individuals, caring and gracious citizens and equipped with 21st century competencies – by design!

    I invite you to join us on this exciting journey to make 2021 a safe, joyous, memorable and successful year for our students, staff and stakeholders.  

Warmest regards

Mdm C Dimps Rao