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Principal's Foreword

Dear Parents  

Welcome to the 2022 school year. I am excited to welcome back our staff, students and parents for the new school year and a warm welcome to our 2022 P1 cohort.

We have chosen another exciting theme for our continuing Positive Education journey: Flourishing with a Growth Mindset!

Using this theme, we aim to teach our Yumin Champions that what we think and know makes a difference. We will provide both the stories and the science behind it. We hope to capture the students’ imaginations with the stories. Seeing other people demonstrate skills has a big impact on our beliefs that we too, can do it; the science research helps us back it up with evidence.

2ndpic.jpgStory: Wilma Unlimited by Kathleen Kull, illustrated by David Diaz

After having polio as a child, Wilma was told she would not walk again, let alone run! But Wilma was determined (growth mindset) and she worked hard, becoming the first American woman to win three gold medals at the Olympics.

Science Research: In a fascinating study of knowing your limits, researchers asked participants to cycle as hard as they could for 4000m. Later, participants were given the same instructions but were able to race against an avatar of their previous ride. What they did not know was that the avatar was actually going faster than their previous ride. The results? The cyclist rode alongside their own avatars, riding significantly further than their previous maximal effort.

We want to inspire and encourage our students to take ownership of the effort required to achieve their goals. We want our students to know that talking about goals and improvements is not enough; these improvements must become a part of who they are. The Positive Education and the CHAMPS framework we have embedded into our curriculum has helped all of us to come together as one Yumin family as we continued with the school curriculum in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. I am extremely grateful to the Yumin family – our staff, our parents and our stakeholders who have helped us journey through the years and especially in these two years 2020 - 2021! We have challenged ourselves to seek different and creative ways of organizing school programmes and events - am proud to say that Yumin has done exceptionally well again this past year.

Let us work together to foster a growth mindset in our children - united in purpose as ONE Yumin family to nurture flourishing Yumin Champions - future ready individuals, caring and gracious citizens and equipped with 21st century competencies.

I invite you to join us on this exciting journey to make 2022 a safe, joyous, memorable and successful year for our students, staff and stakeholders.

Mdm C. Dimps Rao
Yumin Primary School