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Department Members

Subject Head (Aesthetics Department)
Mrs Tay Yin Lin

Committee Members:
1) Ms Sheila Lim (Art Coordinator)
2) Ms Nurul Ain
3) Ms Rachel Hoe
4) Ms Clarice Luo Wenqi
5) Ms Raifana
6) Mdm Illia Sulastri

Key Programmes

Music Curriculum
The school believes that every child is a Champion in his way. There is arts talent in every pupil waiting to be discovered. We aim to build the character of our pupils, challenge their minds and enrich their lives by engaging them through the arts. With the arts engagement and enrichment, we are confident that our pupils will realise their talents and excel in the arts forms of their choice and interest. Through Yumin 6-year developmental arts education, our pupils will apply the arts skills learnt and contribute back to the community, hence bringing joy and meaning to the lives of others 

In Yumin , we focus not only on the product of learning but also the process of learning. We believe in providing quality learning experiences that develops pupil’s interest and talents and empowers them to appreciate and participate in the creation of Art and Music piece.  We want our pupils to acquire knowledge and skills for creative expression through arts creation as well as to demonstrate appreciation for arts of various cultures. Pupils participate in various purposefully designed Arts activities to hone their arts and 21st Century skills and apply the skills learnt for performances and creation.

During lessons, pupils can express through performances and share their learning based on their learning experiences. Other platforms provided for performances include Morning STAR and Talent Showcase. 

“Teaching Through The Arts” Programme 
This year, our department has integrated Arts into Science whereby we experimented with arts-based pedagogy (Creative Movement) as an approach to teaching and learning Science. Through the purposefully designed arts activities that encourage visualisation and creative expression, we have helped our students to enhance their conceptual understanding about States of Matter and Light.

Assembly Programmes (P1-P6)
Our Arts Assembly Programmes aim to expose pupils to the 4 different arts forms - Music, Visual Art, Dance and Theatre.

Through the different assembly programmes, our Yumin champions learn about important values such as friendship and appreciation of cultural diversity. In addition, they gain knowledge on the different types of arts form such as learning about instruments from the orchestra. Pupils learn through active participation and hands-on experience.

Recess Programme
This aims to provide pupils with opportunities for pupils to explore and create Arts beyond classroom. Pupils are able to participate in the fun activities conducted during recess and demonstrate their arts creativity and talents.

Morning STAR Programme 
The Morning STAR programme provides a platform for pupils to enhance their knowledge about the various genres of Art and Music. This programme also provides our pupils a platform to showcase their talents or musical skills and hence build their confidence. Different music and art genres are also introduced to our pupils.

Theatre Experience (P1 & P2)
The Primary Ones and Twos will have a fun and enriching theatre experience. Not only do they get to enjoy a wonderful performance, they also have the chance to learn and apply the school values as well as practice theatre etiquette.

P1 & P2 PAL 
Programme for Active Learning (PAL) aims to expose our pupils to a broad range of non-academic activities to achieve a holistic education. It is experiential in nature and incorporate learning in a creative, fun, and enjoyable way. Through PAL, not only do we want to equip our pupils with skills but also develop their character, so that they can grow up to be confident team players and independent learners. In P1, pupils will learn about ethnic dance while in P2, they will learn about Music from different festivals.

Aesthetics Night

Aesthetics Night is a platform for our students to apply their learning and showcase their talents to their family members. Through this platform, we want to build our students’ confidence on stage and develop our Yumin Champions into Confident & Effective Communicators through the Arts.

 “OUR DREAM” Musical 
On 15 January 2016, our school presented our musical, entitled “Our Dream”, featuring students from the Performing Arts Groups including Drama Club, Choir, Creative Movement and Dance, Guzheng Ensemble and String Ensemble as well as artworks from Art Club members. This musical captured the collective dreams and aspirations of our students and staff and inspired us to strive for our dreams as we envision our next stage of growth.  This musical also provided a unique learning experience for our students to build their character and confidence as they developed a sense of pride and accomplishment after their months of hard work and praiseworthy efforts.

Music Curriculum Programme 
In Yumin, we take on a developmental approach to our Music programme. Through the Teaching – Reinforcement – Application (TRA) teaching pedagogy, pupils participate in a variety of music activities and acquire music knowledge and skills. At the end of their six years’ art education, they would have acquired a repertoire of skills and will be able to play various instruments. 

  Programmes / Instrument Specialisation
Primary 1 P1 PAL, Handbells
Primary 2 P2 PAL, Plastic Resonators
Primary 3 P3 Recorder and Ukulele
Primary 4 P4 Recorder and Ukulele
Primary 5 P5 iPad GarageBand
Primary 6 P6 Ukulele
Art Curriculum
In Yumin, we take on a developmental approach to our Art programme. Pupils acquire a new skill at each level so that at the end of their six years’ art education, they would have acquired a repertoire of art skills and are capable of an art discussion. Our unique Art programme entails art appreciation, art history, art making, and digital art. Pupils are trained to appreciate art, discover art, discuss art and create art.

Art Level Enrichment
Art enrichment courses were conducted for selected level of pupils. We aim to introduce Yumin champions to a variety of media that will give them a chance for progressive development in art making. The pupils’ artwork will eventually be showcased in our art gallery.

Level Programmes 
Primary 1 PAL (Visual Art)
Primary 2 PAL (Visual Art)
Primary 3 Mixed Media Art (Print Making/Ceramics)
Primary 4 Wall Mural
Primary 5 Landscape Drawing and Painting
Primary 6 Leave a Legacy Project 

Programme for Active Learning (PAL)
P1 & P2 PAL (ART) has definitely allowed our pupils’ imagination to run wild and has in turn helped to build their self-esteem. Pupils will get a chance to immerse themselves into the programme to pick up new and exciting skills which will benefit them in their future.

Digital Art - Kidpix
Our pupils enjoyed many hands-on sessions, exploring the use of IT to create many beautiful and creative artworks. The programme has instilled in our pupils to be patient and to persevere in overcoming IT related challenges, mastering the necessary skills needed to present these wonderful products.