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Department Members

Key Personnel

Mr Chia Wenn Teck - HOD/ICT
Mr Lester Ting Huaong Sab - SH/ICT (Internal)
Ms Carol Lim Hui Min - SH/Maths

Cyber Wellness Coordinator

Mrs Mak Zihui

Mdm Liu Shuang

Data Management Team
Mrs Mak Zihui
Miss Sharon Sin Si Lin

ICT Mentors

English Ms Tan Kian Maur
Mathematics Ms Rachel Hoe Woon Chi
Science Mr Lester Ting Huong San
Chinese Miss Foo Xue Yi
Malay Mdm Siti Raudhah


Key Programmes

Subject Integration for ICT Baseline Skills

To equip our pupils with the necessary skills for learning using ICT tools, each subject adopts a software, skill or ICT tool and integrates the teaching of these tools with daily lessons.

Subject Technological Platform Teaching and Learning Knowledge and Skills acquired
English Oral Buddy Teachers making use of ICT tools to design learning activities that allow students of various abilities to independently set learning goals, and manage and monitor their own progress as well as extend their learning. They also teach students to inquire collaboratively to create new ideas, products or ways of viewing things. Acquiring oratorical skills
Glogster Creating visual Communication
Pocket Trail
Maths Excel Analysing and representing data
Mathematical Learning Solution (MLS) Developing visual and spatial skills
Science Google Sites Deepening of Science conceptual understanding and knowledge.
Zappar (AR)
PPT Slides Appreciating cultural diversity
Story Creator
ICT Enrichment Programme
P4 IDA Labs on Wheels Programme

In addition to the ICT Baseline skills being taught to the pupils, the school also provides additional ICT enrichment lessons to equip pupils with ICT skills to help them meet the learning needs of the 21st Century.

In Primary 3, pupils will receive their formal instruction in the use of discussion forums and Cyberwellness values that are instrumental in guiding their interaction and behaviour online. These Cyberwellness values complement our school's values of Respect and Compassion for others in their online communication. Lessons on Intellectual Property rights emphasize the importance of the value of Integrity even when no one is looking over their shoulders.

In Primary 3, pupils also learn to use the oral buddy feature in the LMS as an ICT tool to practice their oral communication skills. Using assessment rubrics, pupils learn to give feedback to each other and learn collaboratively to improve their oral communication skills.

Learning Resources
To provide pupil ready access to learning material, the school provides for pupils access to online Learning Management System (www.mconline.sg). The school also taps on this platform for home based learning in situations requiring school closure to ensure than learning can be continued. Through the LMS, the school also carries out vital school functions such as communication with parents, conduct surveys, as well as a platform for travel declarations.. Parents can download the MCOnline App for iOS and Android devices here to facilitate communication between the school and home.