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Cikgu Azriena Asari (Subject Head)
Cikgu Aszrina Bte Tugiman (HOD CCE)
Cikgu Siti Hajar Tawi  Cikgu Sulaiman Bin Osman
Cikgu Ainon Bte Md Noor 
Cikgu Siti Raudhah Binte Ismail 
Cikgu Mohamed Ridawi (Flexi-Adjunct)   



Malay Language Unit        Department Goals

A Champion who is an Effective Communicator of the Mother Tongue Languages.



Malay Language Unit        Learning Direction

To create an environment where students will better appreciate Malay language, cultures and tradition, with strong values as well as 21st Century competencies.

Malay Language Curriculum & Programmes


1. Curriculum Structure

Curriculum Structure 
The Malay Language curriculum structure caters to the unique needs and abilities of students holistically during their Primary School years. Students are provided with a customized curriculum through differentiated       instruction to stretch the varied learning potential and achieve quality student performance. Students learn to use SAMMBBoB (1H5W) technique for Yumin’s Oral/ E-Oral Packages & Composition Checklists.


2. Yumin's Literature Programme

Making Malay Language a Living Language 
The curriculum makes ML learning an enjoyable experience and encourages students to learn the language to the highest level. We hope to help   students develop an abiding interest in learning ML, so that he or she will continue to use it as a living language after they leave school.


Our curriculum design emphasizes on teaching Malay language in a fun yet meaningful way. Hence, the Introduction of Malay Literature in Malay Language through infusion of music & videos. This is aligned to Mother Tongue Language Curriculum to develop active learners & proficient users. Primary 1 & 2 students learn sounds through songs and videos. As they progress to Primary 3 & 4, they are exposed to folklore, poetry & storytelling. At Primary 5 & 6, with more maturity, our students can dabble with script writing which will help them with their composition eventually. With a deeper understanding, the Malay language will definitely be used more effectively.


P1 & P2 Traditional Child's Song & Video
 P3 & P4 Folklore & Poetry / Storytelling 
P5 & P6  Storytelling & Script Writing 

3. Sparks Programme - Cilik Cilik Club @ Yumin Primary


Celik Cilik Club @ Yumin Primary 
Celik Cilik Club cater to a group of inspired and talented Malay language students. Their natural talent was a motivation from their involvement in the activities conducted in school. This increasingly evident talent must be polished, hence the Celik Cilik Club was formed in 2013. Through Malay traditional folklore, drama and songs, ideas would be brought alive with their vivid display of Malay culture and literature. The students have won several story-telling competitions. They participated in the 2015  and 2016 Bulan Bahasa. Apart from building the confidence of students and the quality of the use of Malay language, students also gain exposure to the Malay heritage, literature and history. In a way, our students are the Malay language ambassadors in Yumin Primary School. In a way, our students are the Malay language ambassador in Yumin Primary School.  Til date, the Celik Cilik Club members have won several Story-telling Competition held by Hougang CC and T-NET by People’s Association.
2015 was an exciting year for the ML Yumin’s Champions. We collaborated with T-NET by and other schools to put a Theatre Production called ‘Hujan Batu’. We also participated in the Bulan Bahasa and were mentioned in Our Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong.
In 2016, we participated for the first time in the PESTA BAHASA East Zone 2016.  We emerged as 1st runner up. Our booth named, ‘Our Forefathers’ was also featured in the Berita Harian Newspaper (Saturday, 10 September 2016) during the 2016 Bulan Bahasa held at the Singapare National Museum. 

4. Mother Tongue Fortnight & Malay Language Camp


With the objective of ‘Active Learners, Proficient  Users’ in mind, there are many opportunities for     students to be exposed to Malay culture and values, and to enhance their learning of Malay Language.
The MT Fortnight & Language Camp is a multi-disciplinary platform involving English,        Physical Education, Art, Music, Drama and Character and Citizenship Education (CCE). The learning of   Malay Language is thus made more fun, engaging and effective through this integrated setting. 
These activities arouse students’ interests in learning Malay culture and better equip them with the varied use of the language in different contexts. Students learn to be more confident, adaptable, innovative and resilient.

CCM Programme 
The Conversational Chinese and Malay (CCM) programme is to equip our students with basic skills and knowledge of the Chinese or Malay Language so as to enable them to communicate with their friends and show awareness and appreciation of another culture. It is able to strengthen Singapore’s   multi-racial compact

Key Programmes



Malay Competitions 2015

2013 - 2014

  • Champion for Malay story-telling competition (2013) by Hougang Grassroots Organization – Mr Desmond Choo Trophy
  • Participated in Lensa Bahasa 2013 organised by MOE
  • 2nd Place in Malay Story-telling competition (2014) organised by Tanjong Katong Secondary School