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Department Members


Mdm Cinthia Liou Chew Yoong

LH (covering)

Ms Carol Lim Hui Min

ICT Mentor

Ms Rachel Hoe


Miss Sharon Sin Si Lin

Mrs Rachel Ho

Sparks Programme - Talent Development

Ms Lim Hui Min Carol

Ms Goh Hoon Juan

Mdm Amalina Batcha Sahib

Mathematics Level Representatives

Primary 1 Mrs Ang-Ng Swee Lai
Primary 2Mrs Rachel Ho
Primary 3 Ms Sharon Sin Si Lin
Primary 4
Ms Goh Hoon Juan
Primary 5Ms Carol Lim Hui Min 
Primary 6-

Key Programmes

Activity Based Lessons

The Mathematics Department stresses the importance of mastering basic concepts and skills that are critical to learning. The Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (C-P-A) approach is featured strongly in the activity based lessons to ensure that concepts are well-established and learnt by the pupils. Teachers make use of manipulatives to conduct hands-on learning experiences for pupils. Through these hands-on learning experiences, pupils realise that Mathematics is an integral part of their everyday life and they find learning to be fun and meaningful.

Primary 5 Mathematics Enrichment Programme 

Primary 5A pupils attended the 3D Modelling and Printing enrichment programme. It was an 8 weeks session which spanned across Term 2 and Term 3. Through the programme, it stretched our pupils, which allowed them to deepen their thinking processes and apply their knowledge to analyse mathematical situations and construct logical arguments.

The programme was a fun, enriching session for the pupils. At the end of the programme, each pupil managed to bring home a key chain designed by themselves.

Conceptual Approach in Problem Solving

The ‘Get Engaged with Math’ (GEM) packages was created by our own Mathematics Department teachers who adopted the Conceptual Approach (CA) to teach problem solving. The 4Cs (Clue, Concept, Connect, Check-back) learning strategy is explicitly taught to help pupils gain confidence in Mathematics problem solving. This approach develops in the pupils the discipline to think about a problem sum within the context of the problem. Pupils then apply procedural knowledge to solve the problem.

Pupils’ Reflection on Conceptual Approach in Problem Solving

The Mathematics Olympiad Programme

The Mathematics Olympiad Programme is part of Talent Management in the Mathematics Department.This programme targets mathematically talented Primary 4 to 6 pupils.The programme is designed to inspire, challenge and stretch young minds in the art of creative mathematics problem solving.In this programme, the pupils are exposed to challenging mathematics problems which may not usually be covered in the primary school curriculum.They are given opportunities to explore the topics either individually or in small groups, under the close guidance of qualified external trainers.

Pupils are given opportunities to compete in Mathematics Competitions at the cluster and national levels (these include The Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools organized by the Hwa Chong Institution and National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore organized by NUS High School of Mathematics and Science).This exposure further challenges them in mathematical thinking skills and allows them to benchmark their mathematical ability against their peers at the cluster and national levels.