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Our lessons and programmes provide novel ways of teaching and learning Science by arousing pupils’ curiosity and interest about Science by:

1. Experiential and Inquiry-based learning
2. ICT integration into the curriculum
3. Building pupils’ higher order thinking skills through interactive and hands-on learning experiences


Department Members

Miss Seah Wan Peen

Mdm Ro'aiza Bte Zainuri (ST) Mr Lester Ting Mrs Cheryl Phua
Mr Rayhan s/o Mohd Rashad Mohd Miss Ng Hui Fen Miss Leow Si Hoon
Mdm Nurul Raifana Bte Zailani (AED-T&L) Muhammad Zikri Hakim Bin Hassan

Key Programmes

Inquiry-based Learning in Science Lesson

Pupils engage in inquiry-based learning 5E model - Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate. Pupils carry out hands-on experiments and apply scientific facts, concepts and principles using various process skills. Some of the basic process skills include observing, comparing, classifying, using apparatus and equipment, communicating, inferring, predicting, analysing, generating possibilities, evaluating and formulating a hypothesis. Our Yumin Champions have the opportunity to widen their scientific knowledge and thinking through various exciting learning experiences.


Experiential learning (Eco-Garden & Botany)

A garden planted with a variety of flowering and non-flowering plants. It supports and enhances pupils' learning on topics like Diversity of Plants and Reproduction in Plants.