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Department Members

SS Coordinator -  Ms Vithya d/o Tamil Mani

Advisor - Mdm Aszrina

Key Programmes

Social Studies
The new Social Studies (Primary) syllabus 2012 was launched in phases over a span of 3 years. The syllabus for Primary 1 and Primary 2 was launched in 2012, followed by the launch for Primary 3 and 4 in 2013 and the final phase in 2014 for Primary 5 and Primary 6.

The new syllabus for Primary 1 to Primary 3 engages pupils through the reading of Big Books and making connections with everyday experiences. From knowing about myself to knowing my community, the upper primary pupils widen their knowledge to understanding Singapore’s past and present, appreciating and understanding the region around Singapore and the world we live in. Pupils learn through inquiry-based approach and hands-on experiences. As part of widening their learning, integrated learning journey is conducted during the year for every level, taking pupils from Jacob Ballas to Gardens by the Bay and heritage trails.

Activity Books, Reflections & Manipulative/Resources
In addition to Big Books and Readers, the students also make use of the Social Studies Activity Books, fun manipulative and resources and termly reflections to enhance the students' learning.

NE in the SS classroom
National Education was rolled out in 1997 when Thinking School Learning Nation (TSLN) was first articulated. It is an initiative whose elements can be found in SS. NE-Focused Lessons are integrated into the Social Studies lessons using the school’s created National Education booklets.

Social Studies is a non-examinable subject. Assessment for and of Learning is conducted throughout the year to provide a holistic education for the students. These assessment tasks are placed in a meaningful context so that students can relate to the tasks and demonstrate a practical use of the knowledge, skills and values learnt. Feedback is given to students to help them improve. Students would be given a letter grade (A, B or C) at mid and year end.
National Education
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